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The concept is not bad and I can deal with some of the sex although there is a lot more than needed. But the language come on!

So they let you say a few cuss words now, ok. But what do you have to use them dozens of times over and over Who are you trying to impress?

I have no problem with occasional cussing to demonstrate emotion but you repeat some of it so much that it becomes distracting and pointless. Your just saying the words so prove you can and it adds nothing to the story at that point.

Knock it off some and tone it down, less is always more.

This person wrote the review because of "foul, rude language that is bordering on unwatchable" of syfy the magicians from Syfy. Reviewer claimed that he or she wants Syfy to offer any options to resolve the issue.

The most disappointing in user's experience was channel quality continues to go downhill and magicians show is foul. Author liked the most some shows are creative and interesting. The author asks this business to immediately contact him/ her to briefly discuss his/ her negative experience with the company.

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happened across this disgusting show while waiting to watch Hunters based on Whitley Striebers Alien Hunters books.I have always loved science fiction since the 70s but now I am shocked and horrified at the Content in the Magicians and now I am convinced the whole network of writers and producers of this piece of filth are pedifiles. To be explicit, a demon offers his jar of semen to be drunk by the young hero so he will gain the power to beat a Beast.

Metaphor anyone ? Where is the public outcry?

And society wonders when young minds get twisted. SyFy ought to be

off the air because their air is rancid.

to London #1143219

This is why there are no good shows on any more quit complaining if you don't like it don't watch it. Maybe you should be watching Disney Jr instead of syfy

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