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You channel is one of the worst. You call it Sci Fi but you show things aren't even Sci Fi .

And you should be paying us to watch because you play the same show over and over and over. Your customers are sick of it. There re so many movies that have never been on tv or are old B movies you could show . Why don't you start showing other things .

What has CSI have to do with Sci Fi . You channel is one of the worst . Get a grip and do something . When I first took this channel I was very hopeful with the idea I would see space movies , monster movies and in general Sci FI , BUT NO .

I can turn the tv off for a year and the same shows you play every week will be on . Why can't you show something eles??????????

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Syfy can you please show something other than Ghost Rider and Harry Potter. Sick of them.

My grandson who is 6 is sick of Harry Potter. That says something when a child dislikes whats on tv Please go back the way you use to be. This chanel is not just got nerds and geeks.

You need a new programmer plain and simple. You show garbage now.

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