Helaina Nir


I watch little TV but decided to watch the Conjuring 2. Unfortunately, a pop up on the screen for NFL kick off count down stayed on the screen! Who cares about the overpaid antiAmerican NFL!!! Money money is the name of the game instead of integrity. Its bad enough to sit thru 6 minutes of woke commercials (on mute!). Sorry to see sci fi sold out to be syfi crap. TV off!!
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  • Gone woke and greed

Preferred solution: Read my complaint!!

User's recommendation: Good programming. Appeal to the majority of viewers in re: to programming and advertising.

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Trump’s going to jail, you gullible MAGA ***

MK Puq

Stop showing the same CRAP over and OVER!!!!

Jesus Christ, can you stop showing the same crap over and over and over and over and OVER! There is so much other stuff out there to show, your staff needs to get the rights to them or do what ever you need to do and listen to all of these complaints about this on this site and others!
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  • Paying to see same stuff over and over and over
  • Paying to see the same stuff over and over and over
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Preferred solution: Stop showing the same stuff over and over


Already of sick of this stupid syfy channel! Every year and every summer it its always the same old cr@p over and over!!!

Every summer you always gotta those stupid cheesy sharknado movies. If you want better sci-fi.

You should check out Comet TV. Its better than this one!


Absolutely hate this station! Brand new year same old cr@p!!!

Constantly showing harry potter over and over!!! Your movies suck!!! I remember when the Sci-Fi channel first come out.

It was great back then! Sick of all the gay woke cra@p!!!!!


Agreed. Anybody besides me sick and tired of the harry potter movies?

This is getting old!

I miss the old sci-fi channel! The new syfy channel sucks!!!


Already sick of the halloween movies! Every year in October for a whole month is always halloween movies!

Absolutely hate this!

Every year it's thing over and over! I hate this station!!!!!


Awesome! I'm the 100th person to give you a thumbs up!

Agreed. And here it is the Labor Day weekend .

Typical Syfy channel showing the harry potter movie all weekend long! Anybody else besides me sick of harry potter?


Agreed. I'm sick of the old movies year after year!

And today they got to have that stupid sharnado movie on every summer!

That and that stupid harry potter movie! Come on sfyfy go back to the old sci-fy classics!!!


Far too many commercials to keep my attention. I complained directly to them about it years ago with obviously no impact whatever. Unwatchable.


Agreed! I'm sick of the harry potter and sharknado movies!

They usually don't have those stupid sharknado movies until July or August! Brand new year same old cr@p!


Agreed. Sick of the Harry Potter crap movie!!!!