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Kindred Spirits

I want to start off by saying that I love this show and have enjoyed Amy and Adam from the start of them being on Ghost Hunters. Anyways, to my question.

All this year's episodes say new, but I'm watching episodes that have already aired. Am i missing something? My dvr is set just to record all new episodes, and they do say the new date, but I've already seen it.

I know you have plenty of emails to read, but i would love to hear from you, regarding this situation. TYIA, Julie



Who is the idiot that changed the format of syfy? Man your channel was a haven now you sucking bigtime.



Why don't sci-fi have more scary movies or horror movies like they used too?? Becuz now it is VERY, VERY, VERY UNSATISFYING


how to get Syfy channel on internet TV

I have Spectrum TV in Ocala Florida been trying to get the Syfy channel for some reason it won't let us my phone number is 352 239 0670


Censorship of cuss words in movies

Watching John Wick last night I noticed they censored the cuss words from the movie. Question: Why?

The reason I ask is this: right behind the showing of the movie John Wick they showed their new show Happy. I watched the show and there were so many cuss words in the show and they did not censor them. Why not? I do not mind the cuss words.

My question is why censor the movie for cuss words but not their own new show Happy. This seems a little hypocritical. If going to do it for one show do it for all.

Or does it have to do with the time slot of the show. In orther words be consistent.


Commercials forcing zoom in

Why is your commercials forcing the TV to zoom in and then not correcting. Please correct this issue or remove the commercials in question.


2004-2009 Series- Battlestar Galactica

Why have You stopped showing the series? Are there plans to do another marathon or series showings? Thanks Michael J.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Why would you edit this Spielberg film, especially in the way you did?!! Some of the best and most pertinent scenes were cut, leaving about a whole hour out.

I have never seen a tv version of a PG film cut so badly! Once in a blue moon you show a good film.

I'm now seeing it again on your channel; 11/19/17, 7:30 am. I'm praying for a better result.


van helsing battlestar galactus

i cannot watch van Helsing on my firestick any problem. it said that i must contact my provider.

I have the Syfy network with my provider. did you all remove Battlestar galactic from your line up


Battlestar Galactica

Why is Spectrums On Demand Battlestar Galactica missing the very last 2 episodes, s4E20 and s4E21?


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