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Why is 12 Monkeys Season 3 no longer available On Demand?

12 Monkeys Season 3 just became availabIe a few weeks ago.I'm a fan, but could not watch all at once.

I was up to episode 7. However, when looking for it this week, the entire show is no longer available On Demand, neither through my cable subscription (Optimum Cablevision, Bronx,NY), nor through the SYFY app. I notice I can pay for Season 3 episodes on Amazon or VUDU, but I already paid extra to watch SYFY through my cable subscription. It's not fair I should pay again.

We were not even warned that there was just a short period of time to watch the season On Demand.Please restore the episodes for On Demand viewing for at least a stated period of time so that subscribers who want to watch can.


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