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What the *** does Harry Potter got to do with Syfy? The 31 Days of Halloween was bad enough!!!

Now we are back to back these d@mn Harry Potter movies again! Unbelievable!

Anybody remeber the good old days when the Syfy channel used to be Sc-Fi those were the good old days. At least back than better programs like all the classics! Battelstar Galactica, Babylon 5, Buckrogers, Lost In Space, Outer Limits, Star Trek, Space:1999, Seaquest DSV, Stargate SG1.

And so many other great shows I can't think of at the monent. The Chiller Channel was better than the SyFy channel. Now thats gone too! I'm sick to death of the Harry Potter movies!!!

Anybody at the Syfy channel read these reviews? Maybe going to the Syfy Forums might help.

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I give up on Syfy... its sad, I used to LOVE the old days...

now its same ol' movie spam.... Halloween was the only time worth looking forward to and they murdered it this year ; ;

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