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Another loyal many-year watcher of the Twilight Zone Marathon, now disgusted with the greed that causes you to cut the episodes to shreds to squeeze in more commercials. Not only does it destroy continuity and dramatic tension; in some cases you took out a scene or lines that are critical to the story line.

Case in point: in "Number Twelve Looks Just Like You," you cut out the scene where Marilyn tells her friend that her father killed himself because he couldn't stand the idea of conformity. It's only the whole point of the episode!!! Rod Serling won more Emmys for dramatic writing than anyone else, and you are now destroying his brilliance with your *** editing. When CBS first ran the series there were commercial spots already laid out in the episodes.

Do us all a favor and stick to the original cuts next time.

Not to mention that you were spoiling all the endings with advance previews of scenes coming up! What a buzz kill!!!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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